Will Sex Robots Bring About the End of Civilization?

Sex robots are on the horizon. And this might be a problem. Imagine this: A totally realistic robot of your own design that is capable of fully carrying out any sex act that you can dream up. It looks, smells, and sounds incredibly realistic. And your state-sponsored insurance paid for her in full. Read Full... read more

The Sex Robots are Coming!

There are social trends today that may facilitate the popularity of sex robots.  Both single and partnered folks are having less sex than in the past.  Sexual concerns and dysfunctions remain as high as ever.

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Making Love with Your Clothes On

Want to improve your sex life? The next time you are going to make love, KEEP YOUR CLOTHES ON. I mean, for the entire experience. Forget about penetration, orgasm, and all that jazz that distracts us from what the experience is really about.

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When She’s Stronger Than Her Man in Bed

Sex is compelling for many different reasons. It can relieve a physical desire, enable a deep, intimate connection with another, and provide an opportunity to experience erotic sensations and emotions that we don’t feel in day to day life. Vulnerability and surrender are two such examples.

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