What do you think? Is her maturity sexy?

Western cultures promote the perception that of all ages, young women are the most sexual. We are brainwashed with messages suggesting that it’s women in their late teens and early twenties who are the true sexual dynamos. But stop and think about it.

The fact is that we have confused fertility and youth with sexual passion and prowess. Consider for a moment the skills required to be a great lover. A woman has to know her body and what turns her on. She needs a general understanding and comfort level with the body of her partner. She must have confidence to allow herself to let go and travel deep into the mysterious sexual world that she co-creates with her lover. These are skills that take time and practice to develop.

The truth of the matter is that most of us are not innately born great lovers. Making love is an art form, and as with any art, it requires skill that is honed with time and effort. Thus, it is probably the women with more years of experience with their own bodies, and the bodies of others, who truly have the best chance at being an amazing bed partner.

Furthermore, this fact doesn’t elude men. Porn featuring older, more mature women is extremely popular. An appreciation of what a mature woman can bring to the bedroom is part of this attraction.

So, the bottom line? Ladies, don’t be intimated by cultural fairy tales about age and sexuality. If you are young, enjoy the innate attraction you evoke in men. If you are older, wear your sexual life experience like a badge of honor. Either way, there is much to enjoy between the sheets!