Our world is changing faster than at any point in history.  We expect ourselves to roll with these changes, as if this is what we humans are designed to do.  But that’s just not the case.  Our biology is predicated upon a much slower civilization.  As a result, we are now being presented with experiences and compelling stimuli that have never occurred before in the history of the human race.  This includes dramatic changes and advances in almost every aspect of our lives- technology, food, and now, even sex!  In the next decade or so, we will be asked to incorporate something surreal into our intimate relationships and our bedrooms….sex robots.

One of the funniest takes on my lectures has been that I believe sex robots will be the end of civilization.  This is not what I said, but it certainly is an attention-grabber!  What we can expect is that sex robots will create some real benefits for intimacy, as well as real challenges.  Sex robots will allow people with limited access to partners, such as those with intellectual or physical disabilities, to have the experience of intimacy.  They will also personify sensual, exciting lovers that will present extraordinarily compelling fodder for our primal sexual instincts.  Only time can show us what this will mean for the future of human relationships.

There are social trends today that may facilitate the popularity of sex robots.  Both single and partnered folks are having less sex than in the past.  Sexual concerns and dysfunctions remain as high as ever.  #MeToo is on everyone’s mind.  All this, coupled with the fact that depression and the experience of social isolation are only increasing, suggest to me that sex robots won’t be a hard sell for many people.

It’s time for us to take notice.  Stay tuned, as we explore together The Future of Sex!